Obey the little promptings

Do you ever get a funny little feeling you’re supposed to do something? Or not do something? 

I do. Sometimes it’s deep within my soul. Sometimes it’s a gut feeling. Sometimes it’s just a logical thought that makes sense. 

Sometimes it’s rereading journals or scripture and seeing a theme.

Here are a few that have been coming up lately: 

“What do you want me to do for you?” — The question Jesus asks the blind man. 

Christ is the most beautiful thing about me. 

Speak out to others what you see in them, what you foresee for them, and the truth about what you hope your relationship with them could be (i.e. I love how you dig so deep into the theological, can I join? I love how well you host and care for others, can I spend more time with you?)

Testing produces character. 

Today I wrote in my journal “This is a test.”

And honestly, I’m not exactly sure what I’m being tested on. I just know the theme of “trials” and “testing” have been coming up. So I want to pay attention. I want to be on guard for whatever it is that’s coming, or not coming. 

In James it kicks off with considering trials of any kind pure joy, because when your faith is tested, it leads to steadfastness.

Then today I stumbled across 2 Chronicles 32, which closes with the words “God withdrew from Hezekiah in order to test him and see what was really in his heart.” 

This is a season of knowing I’m exactly where God wants me. I keep getting affirmations that I’m perfectly placed for what He has. 

The problem is. I don’t know what He has. And apparently, this might all be a test.

And how do you pass the test? You study.

So I’ll continue to study. I’ll continue to observe. I’ll continue to learn and practice and do. I’ll continue to show my faith through my deeds, the good works the Lord has prepared in advance for me to do. 

And all the while, I’ll still continue to seek His face. To ask. To pray. To knock. To seek. He’s paved a way for me this far. How much further will we go?

P.S. One of the other things He’s reaffirmed in me is to keep writing. So while I feel like this blog post is choppy and not the best I’ve ever written, this is me being obedient to what He has asked me to do. Which is write, and share. 

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