(dunk 7x) – Simple obedience isn’t always easy

A year ago today, the Lord did something incredibly unexpected with one of my Jericho Prayers… He answered it.

And He answered it in such a way that was so precious, so abundant, and just honestly so amazing, I was in awe. My joy and gratitude were overflowing because the entire time I prayed for it, I knew God could answer that prayer, I just didn’t think He would.

It’s been a year since that miracle, and He continued to provide miracle after miracle after miracle with that prayer. It was amazing and beautiful to watch Him orchestrate things so perfectly.

A year later, that Jericho Prayer still exists, but it’s been transformed a little. The heart of the prayer is still there, but the tangible request is different. While the Lord answered what I thought at the time was the biggest hurdle in my prayer, I realize now, was only the beginning.

He’s still working, and I’m still waiting. And while a year ago everything was fast paced, exciting, and miraculous, where God has me today is “Wait. Don’t do anything. I’m working.”

This morning I was reminded by 2 Kings 5, that transformation is a process. And sometimes, the process itself is quite simple. Maybe not easy, but simple.

I think sometimes when we ask the Lord “What do I need to do?” … we assume that when He answers it’s going to be this complex, extremely hard, blatantly test my obedience through fire kinda trial.

So then when He speaks and His answer is “simple” (aka something like “Wait. Don’t do anything. I’m working.”) we get confused.

Maybe, like Naaman, we try to walk away because that’s not what we were expecting. Maybe we assume it couldn’t possibly be that simple. “I’ll come back when you have something harder for me, Lord.”

But maybe it is that simple. Because obedience in the simple requires the same amount of obedience in the complex. Both require obedience, and obedience, no matter how you spin it, can be extremely difficult.

In order to be healed from leprosy, all Naaman needed to do was take a days ride to the Jordan and dunk himself in the water 7x. It was that simple.

But it still required obedience.

And sometimes obedience is hard, even in the simple.

Naaman’s healing was a process that required him to still put one foot in front of the other to get to the Jordan. To not give up after an hour of traveling. And even when he got there, it still required him to dunk 7x. Which, hello, dunking yourself in some water 7x, not that hard.

But he had to do it seven times. Not once. Not twice. Not six times. Seven.

He could’ve given up after the first time. “Welp, it didn’t work.”

He could’ve given up after the 4th time. “Still didn’t work.”

He could’ve given up after the 6th time. “I must look like an idiot.”

Each dunk, required obedience. Each dunk, was part of the process of transformation. So when he finally dunked the 7th time, he saw miraculous healing from the Lord, because he was obedient.

Each moment leading up to his healing was important and purposeful.

So while it took me a long time to accept that the Lord was saying to me, “Wait. Don’t do anything. I’m working.” I feel like today’s lesson in 2 Kings was just what I needed. Waiting isn’t wasted.

Each day He is asking for my obedience to trust Him. Each day He is asking for my obedience to believe He is working even though I don’t see it. Each day He is asking me to have faith that He hears my prayers, and at the end of it, on the 7th dunk, I’ll see the fruition of His work. And it’s going to be beautiful.

Father, I ask that you cleanse, heal, and work. You know the desires of my heart, you know how deep my Jericho Prayers go. You have promised you are working, and so, through my obedience, I trust you in the waiting. I can’t wait to see what you have on the other side for me.

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