Pray the silly, bold, specific prayers

Pray. Pray the big, bold, specific, scary prayer.

Do it.

Just do it. He is a God who delights in big, bold, scary prayers, because He is a God who answers the impossible prayer.

He does.

Not all of them. And maybe not in the ways that we expect.

But He answers. Always. In one way or another.

So pray. Pray hard. Pray without ceasing. Pray over and over again. Humble yourself before the Lord. Trust that if you feel silly doing it, that it could be the start of an impossible prayer being answered.

Trust that one day, you might look back on all those silly impossible prayers and see exactly how the Lord heard each one. How this entire time He’s been perfectly orchestrating an answer beyond your wildest dreams.

Providing an answer to your silly, specific, bold, impossible prayer – and He will do immeasurably more.


I took this picture yesterday as I was scrounging through journal after journal reading impossible prayer after impossible prayer from the past few years.

And let me tell you… I was reminded of the moments I chose to write them down. Because here’s the thing, at the time, they felt stupid. They felt silly. “Why am I praying for this? Why do I feel a sense about this? Why do these thoughts keep coming back?”

I almost didn’t write many of them down, and I know there are many more I didn’t write down because they felt pointless.

But then there’s days like yesterday, where I look back and suddenly, they all.make.sense. The pieces are starting to fall into place, and I start to see a glimpse into what God could be doing. In what I hope He’s been doing.

Because our God is God of the impossible. And He can do immeasurably more than I could ever dream up. Even more than the silly, bold, specific impossible prayers I write down. He’s got even more than that planned for me.

So child, don’t back down. Keep praying. Keep fighting. He hears you, and when we keep a humble heart and open ears to hear, He directs, He guides, and one day, it will all make sense.

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