Praise Challenge – Testimony || Jenny

To learn more about the heart behind the challenge and what it looked like, read my blog “Praise Challenge – Shout to God with joyful praise” or check out my Instagram page @LyricsOfAChristianGirl


It was grounding finding a praise everyday. There’s so much to be grateful for so I think it’s a really great practice to stop and take a look at your blessings and praise the One who created them.

He can be found EVERYWHERE you look. There’s more to be thankful for than a lot of people think. I also think it’s beautiful that He shows up in little ways when you’re looking for Him. 

Honestly, the tough part was posting everyday. I definitely couldn’t keep up with it. But as far as finding blessings to be thankful for, I don’t think it was tough.

I hope someone was impacted by the praises I posted. If there’s one takeaway I want people to see, it’s that God is a God of miracles but also a God of little details. There’s nothing too small to praise Him for. NOTHING too small. We should praise Him for a miraculous healing but we can also praise him for the smell of coffee in the morning. He’s Lord over all, so why not?


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