Praise Challenge – Testimony || Hannah

To learn more about the heart behind the challenge and what it looked like, read my blog “Praise Challenge – Shout to God with joyful praise” or check out my Instagram page @LyricsOfAChristianGirl


So I will be completely honest, I was really good about it the first few weeks and then the last couple with traveling and work schedule I wasn’t as great about it.

I was always praying and making mental notes of gratitude but not always writing them down. I would do it fairly regularly, often on my way to work. I always pray in the car on my way to work every morning. I keep the radio off and pray and focus on Him.

I found the days where I could sit down and reflect more in depth I was greatly humbled with what the Lord has provided. A lot of times the praises also turned in to continued prayers and surrendering those blessings back to Him. There was a peace that followed.

The more I praised and thanked Him the more I sensed His peace and it changed my perspective on literally everything.

One of my favorite devotional books was Ann Voskamps “one thousand gifts”. Gratitude and giving The Lord the praise He is due, even in the seemingly simple and mundane, gives light to His peace and joy.

Thanksgiving and praise is the most important habit to form and one I hope and pray I can commit to every day.


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