The importance of real healing

Are you willing to wait for the best that’s yet to come?

A few months ago I posted about the “dust” in my life.

Painful memories and experiences that I was almost healed from. Key word – almost. There were still attacks. But they were small, and nothing compared to how they used to be. They just felt like an annoyance, like dust. 

I remember thinking at the start of the pain many many months ago, that it would never get better. Then I remember thinking, “Well I’m sorta healed from this, but this might be as good as it gets. Maybe I’ll never be completely freed from these pain filled feelings.”

And now, I stand in awe of how much freedom I’ve been given in this. 

There are still some annoyances that come up. But the pain is dull. So dull, I question if it’s even really there. 

I went from extreme, daily, hourly, minute by minute pain… to barely remembering any of it. 

I’m not sure who “they” are but… They always say that “time heals.” They always say that “the best is yet to come.” They always say that “waiting is worth it.” 

I’ve always agreed with the latter – yes, waiting is definitely worth it. For anything in life.

But I’ve never been patient enough to let myself fully heal from things. I’d just find as many bandaids as I could to cover up the pain for as long as I could, until the “next best situation” came along.

The Lord is gracious, and I can confidently say that: Time does heal, and it is 100% worth the wait. Because fully healing, and not just pretending to heal with bandaids, is definitely the smartest way to allow for the best to come.

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