Vision: The Altar Room – The Gospel

The Lord gave me this vision last night as I prayed about hidden sin within me. It means one thing to me, and I wanted to write more about it. But I couldn’t find words appropriate enough, because I think it’s just meant to be shared. So the Lord can speak whatever He wants to each child who encounters it.

This is for you.



I was in a dark room, completely surrounded by darkness. It wasn’t a small room, it was more like a dark pit. 

My hands were raised comfortably, wrists at shoulder height.

Then ropes came out of the darkness in front of me and entangled my wrists. 

There was a being in front of me – a man. I can make out his shape but he is just hidden enough by the shadows that I can only see his form, not who he is. He could be anybody.

He pulls the ropes and they yank me to him. We are dancing. I am grinning, and I am having fun. He leads the dance by the ropes on my wrists. 

It is fun.

I continue to grin in the darkness as he leads me.

It is surface joy I feel, but in the moment, I don’t recognize it. I can only feel that I am having fun.

A small window of light appears off in the distance to my left and above. It is a door, and I am in a pit. 

I know I should probably go to the light, but I’m uncertain. Is this really that bad? Being in the pit, dancing? It feels good.

I continue dancing. 

The door comes closer and scoops me up, I am now sitting on the edge of the door of Light. My feet dangle in the pit. My King & my Savior are behind me. And yet I lean forward to keep my eyes on the darkness.

The door scoops me upright and the door slams in my face.

I am returned to the Altar of my God.

I return to my suitcase on the floor before the Lord’s feet. The suitcase I have put so many hurts into, and asked the Lord to carry the heavy burden for me. And asked that in His perfect timing, in ways He knows I can handle, take each item out one by one, and help me work through them.

The suitcase is empty now. Now it is closed. 

The Altar Room of my Lord is completely white. Bright white light surrounds me.

But then the darkness starts encompassing my Altar Room. 

I slam my fist on the suitcase and yell “Jesus! Jesus!” 

He comes to me. He flies to me with a fierce love and protection. He is a beacon of bright white Light. There is nothing like Him.

I am standing, facing out, and He encompasses me in His arms from behind. Holding me tightly, arms wrapped around my torso, a hand over my heart. 

He has huge wings and they expand in mighty power, and with a powerful whoosh, the darkness instantly flees. He holds it back, and the Light returns to the Altar Room, completely free of all evil, iniquity, and darkness.

His wings are mighty.

But the darkness returns, I am the darkness. My body is darkness in a room filled with white.

His hand is on my heart. He faces me, and the darkness is wiped from me. It flees from my body and to His hand. He takes it from me. With a wince of pain, He absorbs it, and it is washed clean by the Blood. The Blood of Jesus. 

He smiles, beams at me, and turns to present me as holy, clean, blameless, and white before my Father. My God. 



Altar Room.jpg
When I envision myself before God – talking, praying, worshipping, crying, sitting with Him – I envision a circular version of the Lincoln Memorial. Instead of Lincoln, it’s God. And there are no walls, only endless beauty.

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