Letting God grow them is worth it

The other day I text my friend Lindsay the video/gif version of this picture.

Mrs. Doubtfire.jpg

“How I feel about our friendship. This would be either of us”

“Hahahahahahahaha where were you in college”

Our friendship came out of nowhere. We met at a friend’s house in a group setting, and then through a series of random events, started leading a bible study together in the fall. We didn’t know each other well at all, and kind of barely talked (at least from what I remember).

Then in January we went to a boxing class together, and afterwards, I thought, “We do lead a bible study together, I should probably get to know my co-leader a little better.” So I text her asking if she wanted to go to the mall to help me buy lingerie for a bachelorette party. For some reason, she said “Sure!”

Ever since then, it’s just become very evident the Lord has been working on this friendship for much longer than we’ve known each other, and when she one day came up to me and said, “I feel like we’re soul sisters,” she was speaking a prophecy I didn’t recognize in the moment. And us being “soul sisters” could not be more true – I feel like the Lord created us in the same heavenly cloud or something, and He always intended us to find each other for His Kingdom.

So asking, “Where were you in college,” is such a true and sweet statement. It implies we might’ve had a different experience.

But last night I started thinking about it a little more. I really started thinking about where I was in college, and how I would’ve actually been a terrible friend. I’m not quite sure anything in our college experiences would’ve been different if we had known each other way back then, because truth be told, we might’ve just lived the same way.

So I think what we’re really saying when we ask “Where were you in college” is … “Where was this version of us now, back in college when we needed it most?”

And I realize how thankful I am that I met Lindsay now, and not then. Because neither of us would’ve been this version that is so spiritually intertwined with the Lord. So filled with the Holy Spirit, so confident in His whispers to us, so strong in our convictions to serve Him with our entire being, and so set against compromising on Him, no matter how enticing another temptation.

Without our old selves walking through life the way we did, we wouldn’t have learned all the things we have. And without those lessons and that knowledge, we would not be walking the lives we are currently.

So the Lord brought our friendship together in perfect timing. And it came out of nowhere.

And I realized, my friendship with her is the tangible embodiment of what the Lord is doing with my husband, right now.

I haven’t met my husband yet. I have no clue who he’s going to be. And I know, wholeheartedly, that if I haven’t met him yet, it’s because God still has work to do. Whether it’s work within me that still needs to happen, work within my husband, work within a situation … whatever it is, there is still work that needs to be done before the timing is perfect and we are fully right for each other in the right season.

If I met him in a timing that was not so perfect in the Lord’s sight, we wouldn’t be right for each other. We might mess up a lot and cause each other more pain than necessary, all because we were brought together too soon.

So it’s not a bad thing the Lord has kept us apart for this long – it’s actually protection. Loving protection from the Lord. Because just like if I had met Lindsay back then, my husband and I would be different versions of ourselves. And we both might’ve missed out on something so awesome and sweet the Lord had for us in the future because we were brought together too soon. We might’ve taken it for granted, and we just simply, might not have been ready (see “Living in the Waiting” for more on this).

But instead, because the Lord’s timing is perfect, my husband and I will meet in such a surprising and perfect way only the the Lord could provide. Because He’s just that wonderful. And He wants to give me something immeasurably more than I could hope for, if I’m willing to be patient for it. And I trust that it will be clear as day, as to why the Lord waited until such a moment as this.


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