Small Goals –> Big Accomplishments

I’m not going to lie, cooking had never been an exciting idea to me and I’ve never had a desire to learn how to cook past, “One day I should probably learn to cook for my husband…”

One of my 2018 goals was to learn how to make three new meals. That might sound like a dumb or easy thing to accomplish, but I had the same goal last year and barely learned to make new meals.

So I signed up for Blue Apron, and was completely clueless how to do anything and didn’t even know if I had the right materials to make anything at my apartment.

Next thing I know I’m at my parent’s house with my Blue Apron box, frustrated, stressed, and asking my mom and brother a gazillion questions. “What does this mean? Should I use this? What is that? How do I do this?”

I’m now five weeks into getting my Blue Apron boxes every Thursday, and it’s now become a habit that I actually look forward to on Thursday nights. I get home from work, go to my boxing class, head over to my parents house to spend time with them, hang out, cook, and watch The Four.

I no longer have to ask questions, I’ve learned a ton about cooking, and I’ve actually started to enjoy it. Something I never thought I’d actually enjoy.

What started as a small goal – suffer through learning to cook three new meals – has turned into 9 new meals, and enjoyment in a weekly ritual with intentional family time. I’d consider that a big accomplishment : )

No big goals are accomplished overnight, but through small, intentional, baby steps. So start somewhere.


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