Letter/Vision: The glass jar

The other day I was praying to hear His voice. Seeking Him used to come so easily, but then through a series of events, I became afraid. I didn’t want to hear from Him. I avoided Him and was afraid to ask Him to speak to me again. Even though deep down, I desperately wanted to feel Him close to me, speaking.

Then, a moment of freedom came, and I sought Him. Hard. I came expectant, and refused to move until He spoke. And spoke He did.

I loved writing this because these are not my words. I have the “Letters from God” tab on this blog, and have been looking at it, praying for a new letter. But God can’t write a letter when I’m not willing to listen.

I loved this. I loved this because it was powerful and changed how I viewed the world. I view the world through the two truths He taught me in this: That He loves me, and He wants to protect me.

As my fingers flew on my laptop, trying to keep up, I knew I was wrapped up in His Spirit. His Spirit feels different than how I feel. His Spirit was speaking to me. These are not my words. These are His. His words feel different than mine. His words speak clarity when I have none to give. His words flow in a way where mine are halted. His words teach lessons when I am lost. His words are pure. And I can sense when the words I type are not mine own.

These are His.


Child –

My ultimate desire and call on your life, is that you would know, understand, and fully believe that what I want most for you and from you in this life, is to KNOW that I love you, and want to protect you.

My good and perfect plan from the beginning was that you would know me.

There is a glass jar, and you have put yourself into it. Sitting inside, you are tiny and small, afraid to look outside of the glass. The lid is off, waiting for you to free yourself and explore, but you are afraid. Inside your glass jar, the world looks scary and big. It makes you shrink. You believe the lies the world is telling you, and you retreat into yourself, fearful. You have a small view of who I am. You have put Me into a box, yet again.

But then something stirs within you. You begin to listen to Me as I call to you. You start to be released from those lies, and you start to become curious again. Curious enough to want to look at Me from the outside, once you remember that there is more to life than this, sitting in a glass jar. Tiny, and weak. You emerge from the jar, realizing, remember that the outside, through My scope of view, is beautiful.

It is green and luscious. It is far more beautiful than you could’ve ever imagined. Because the jar and your own fears, your own worldly understandings, tainted your view of Me, yourself, and the outside world.

But then you begin to trust Me again. And once that trust begins, I am able to show you how much greater and mighty I really am. You begin to grow bigger, taller, stronger, and more confident. You are now a giant against the glass jar, crushing it with your foot, claiming your freedom within Me. You are bigger and mightier when you trust Me, with Me by your side.

Still, compared to Me, you are small in My presence and power. But I am not a scary mighty. I am a protective mighty. A huge presence of love.

And when you become scared at the enemy’s attacks on us, you crawl into the shelter of My shadow, and dwell within my protection.

I protect you, and nothing touches us. I stop the enemy’s attacks from coming anywhere near you, because I am the God of love and protection. I will not leave your side, and I will not allow anything to touch you that I do not permit.

And if an attack comes, it is by My wisdom and under My watchful eye and control, that you are allowed to be toyed with. And when you cry out to Me, I hear you, because I never left you. I am here, as you dwell in my shadow. I am here, watching, waiting, teaching, growing, molding, and allowing you to learn.

As the stings from the ray come, they hurt, poke, and prod. You cry in pain, and you cry out to Me. I am mighty and safe. I know. I see. And if I have allowed this, then you will only be made stronger in Me.

My good and perfect plan from the beginning was that you would know Me.

Then, the rescue comes. With a mighty finger, I push the small string-rays away, and they flee immediately. The lesson is over. The season you were in has ended. The time has come for us to talk about what you learned. “What did you see little one? What did you hear? What did you notice about that trial? About that season? Will you still trust Me that I am good? Will you still follow me in my plans? Will you still believe me when I say I love you, and am protecting you?”

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