New Year’s Priorities

When someone says “I don’t have time for that,” what they’re really saying is “That’s not a priority for me.” [168 Hours – Laura Vanderkam]

Think about that for a moment. When you say you don’t have time for something, is it truly because all 168 hours in your week are booked up 100%, or is it because that something is not really a priority for you?

I have noticed this specifically in my own life when it comes to dating. I will move heaven and earth to spend time with the man I’m dating. But I can’t stop for 20 minutes to spend time with the Lord. God becomes second, and man becomes first.

But that’s a blog for another year.

So as you think about your hopes and dreams for the 2018 year, I challenge you to maybe think of it in another light.

What are your priorities for this year?

Yes, they can still be hopes and dreams that you might not completely achieve or fulfill this year.

But what are those hopes and dreams you will make a priority, so that you can make taking steps toward that dream, a priority.



Here were my 2017 Goals:


  • Read three spiritual books
  • Read at least five books of the Bible
    • Deuteronomy
    • John – halfway through
    • Joshua
    • Acts – didn’t finish but what I did read pushed/convicted me into action for others.
    • Judges – halfway through
  • Pray for my fire, passion, goals, & dreams – Following God is sometimes not easy, and this caused a lot of turmoil in my life this past year.
  • Take practical steps in being a speaker of the gospel – Joined an Evangelism course to learn more-so how to preach the gospel. Applied for a dream job. Was invited to speak to high schoolers and young adults.



  • Use Wednesday nights to reconnect & spend time with another person – I ended up helping to co-lead a young adult bible study on Wednesday nights.
  • Mentor HS girls
  • Be mentoredI started going to Christian counseling & had opportunities to talk with older wiser women.
  • Confess more One of the worst weeks of spiritual warfare leading up to it. One of the worst nights of my life. One of the worst seasons of community. But a pivotal turning point in my relationship with the Lord.


  • Start a bible study for the HS girlsExcited to pick this back up in the spring!
  • Exercise at the gym 3x a weekThis happened on and off after I joined Title Boxing, which I love!
  • Attend yoga once a month – This definitely did not happen
  • Learn to cook healthy meals & make them! – I think I did this once, but I did at least branch out more in other areas than just eating cheese & hummus.


  • Stop spending money on mindless thingsI have my moments, but I have significantly improved in this and am much more aware of it when it’s happening. So I’ll call it a victory!
  • Read/listen to “Financial Peace” by Dave RamsayThis was so much fun and launched me into loving my budget. I even used what I learned to help people around me figure out their budget. I LOVE IT. One of my favorite victories of the year.
  • Pay off $10,000 on my carI ended up paying off the whole car by October 10th.
  • Save more throughout accounts.


Here are a few of my priorities for 2018:


  • Read the Bible in a year
  • Singleness.
    • Taking it one month at a time, with my heart’s desire being daily obedience and no rash vows [Judges 11:30].
    • Focus on my relationship with the Lord and don’t put another man in front of Him.
  • Journal & blog
  • Listen for Him & hear Him.
  • Learn to love those around me with the strength of the Lord out of daily obedience.
  • Trust who God made me to be, and walk in that.


  • Saturday sisters [aka accountability to wake up on the weekends]. Hang out with sisters and develop deeper friendships with young adult women around me.
  • Mentor HS girls
  • Continue HS bible study
  • Do more events with the HS girls
  • Go to Iceland with Amanda.
  • Plan another trip with Dad or Ryan [or both!]


  • Use my schedule wisely.
  • Read three development books.
  • Build others up to replace me.
  • Be intentional about developing others.
  • Pursue other relationships within the company.
  • Seek new opportunities and don’t be afraid to say “yes.” Seek God’s calling on my life and walk in that.


  • Go to boxing at least 3x a week.
  • Try out cycling at Planet Fitness [aka stop making monthly donations].
  • Learn to cook at least three new meals.
  • Maintain a healthy weight through healthy living.


  • Give more abundantly to others.
  • Save a designated amount for travelling/blow money by 2019.
  • Become more disciplined in not spending money on mindless things.
  • Save up to do the Tour du Month Blanc.

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