Surprise me.

What do you pray when you no longer have the words to pray? What do you do when you feel you’ve exhausted every word or option and laid it all bare before the Lord’s feet?

I have been overwhelmed these past few days. Feeling trapped in the midst of a limbo I don’t know when will end or if I’m doing anything right.

It’s excruciating not knowing 100% if the path you’re going down will turn out the way you hope.

I have prayed prayer after prayer over this situation. Sought after the Lord’s Word and His face. Discovered new things and was challenged in humility that “it’s not about me.”

There is so much healing to be had, so where do my prayers begin and where do they end?

What is the right balance between “letting go and letting God” and not feeling like I’m “giving up”?

A few months ago I started a Jericho prayer that I circled in prayer every single day. It was powerful. I had a deep faith the Lord knew where He was taking me and that it would all be ok. I had passions ignited and a path I wanted to travel down that I thought would and should look a certain way.

I prayed over that Jericho prayer for a few months, and was extremely surprised in the results of how God moved. My prayers weren’t answered the way I thought they would be. And my path took a different turn than I had originally hoped for. But the answers He provided were more beautiful and perfectly orchestrated than I could’ve ever imagined because the Lord was doing the orchestrating. Not me.

It was a powerful time of prayer.

So I started a new Jericho. This time, because I don’t know the words to pray and only the Author of our lives could know what I need, the center of the paper says, “Surprise me.”

Surprise me in the desires of my heart.

Surprise me in the prayers that I pray.

Surprise me in the provision I long for.

Surprise me in the healing you provide.

Surprise me in the understanding I can’t find.

Surprise me in how you protect us from the evil one.

Surprise me in how it all ends up.

Surprise me in where you take me.

Surprise me in the mountains you move.

Surprise me.

2 thoughts on “Surprise me.

  1. I love this. Especially the phrase “surprise me” when you talk about the God. It humanizes the relationship in such an intimate personal way. Beautiful.

    Not sure if you read circle maker from your Jericho prayer inspiration but that’s one of my favorite books. Keep writing Ari.


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