4 || So that His glory comes – Training Ground

I have recently been paying more attention to “so that” sentences in the Bible. The one that I always go back to is:

[John 14:29]

I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe.

I love this. It takes the glory and pride off myself, and gives all the glory back to God. If He gives us promises and tells us about them beforehand, He is telling us so that when they come to fruition, we will believe and know His mighty power.

Now, you might be reading this and saying to yourself, “But I don’t hear from God. He hasn’t declared promises over my life or for my future.”

I would beg to differ.

I’ve recently come across an online course about Prophetic Personalities. It has been incredible. While I know I have the gift of prophecy, I have often felt alone in that gift because it’s a rare one. Or so I thought.

Havilah Cunnington argues that we all have a Prophetic Personality. We all hear from God, and that is what being prophetic is – hearing from God. She claims that there are four primary ways people hear from God: Hear, See, Know, Feel.

I am a mix between a Seer and a Knower. I sometimes have visions and occasionally get a strong sense of something that is going to happen in the future.

Because most people assume being prophetic means visions and the future, we discount the other ways in which people hear from God. So when I talk about God revealing to us His promises, I mean in whatever way it is He talks to you. Yes, you. He talks to you directly, as His child. Precious daughter or son. But have you heard Him? Sensed Him? Felt Him? Or seen His paths?

Don’t discount yourself from hearing from God. He wants to tell us things so that He can get the glory and so that we might believe. He doesn’t tell us everything, but He does want to talk to us if we’re willing to listen.

In the time I have started this Prophetic Personality course, I’ve had many conversations with those around me, explaining what these different gifts look like, and many have had light bulb moments. Something they had previously assumed was coincidence, they then realized, was God speaking to them.

I challenge you to figure out the way in which you hear from God, and ask Him to reveal Himself more to you in that way. The more we talk to Him the more He talks back. The more we seek His guidance the more guidance we receive. The more we rely on Him the more we realize He is safe and He provides and strengthens.

And in the Training Ground, we need all the strength, endurance, guidance, and protection He can give.

So to wrap up this Training Ground series: God tells us His path so that we might endure and His glory can come. The Training Ground isn’t easy – it’s meant to sharpen and grow. But the glory for the Lord and the mighty plans He has for you on the other end will always be worth the journey.

How are you sharpening your ax?

Are you fighting now for what’s to come later?

Do you sing His praises even when it hurts?

Are you allowing Him to prune you so that your gifts are more fruitful than before?

What are you doing in your Training Ground? 

Letter from God about the Training Ground:

Son, Daughter, Child –

I know that it hurts.

The training isn’t easy.


You want to be a lion, lioness, shepherd, prayer warrior – warriors do not become warriors without training.

They must practice. They must fight small battles.

They are small battles compared to the larger war you are fighting.

There will be many arrows that try to swarm you and chink your armor. The enemy is lying in wait to harm you and weigh you down with scratches, bruises, and soreness from day to day.

But if you can endure, if you can remain obedient to my commands and the path I have called you on – I will give you your promised land. I will give you your Jericho. I will bless you with abundance.

I will be by your side as I take you to victory in the final war.

But first, you must train & endure.


The Training Ground Series – Small battles now prepare us for bigger battles later. 

Are You Willing to Fight? – Fighting now produces perseverance later.

Warriors Train with Weapons of Praise – Sing His praises and declare thanks for what He is doing now and how He is preparing what’s to come.

Allow the pruning – The hard times are part of the pruning. Allow Him to cut off branches that do not bear His fruit, and perfect those that do so they will be even more fruitful.

Endure in the Training Ground, so that you will live a life of plenty, and so that God’s glory can come.