The Training Ground – Series

The idea for this series started back a few months ago when I had a vision for someone else. They were struggling with the season God had them in, questioning their purpose and where they were headed in life.

As they shared their life with me, I realized they were seeking big battles to fight, the really obvious battles for the Lord. But when I questioned them about the small battles and sins they were letting pass by unnoticed, they pushed those aside. “I want big battles, not small ones.”

This entire conversation intrigued me, because we cannot fight big battles without first winning small victories. The big battles might seem more victorious and like they bring more glory, but we cannot win those big battles without first learning how to win the smaller ones, which are just as important.

The vision I had for this person was this:

They were standing in the midst of a battle. White war tents surrounded the perimeter, the battle had reached their army’s camp. Around them were both fallen warriors and fighting ones. Yet this person stood in the middle of the battle, covered in armor with sword and shield in hand, watching. They were clothed in strength and stood in readiness, having trained for this. Leading up until that point, they had conquered smaller battles, training and growing for this bigger battle. They were ready to fight these wars.

Since having that vision the Lord has used it to encourage and guide me as well. Soon after that conversation, I started questioning my purpose and direction in life. I felt stuck and like I was suffocating. I had nowhere to go, no guidance, I was drowning.

Over the months the Lord has been a gentle comforter and guider, and has given me better understanding of what this season is – The Training Ground.

[Luke 16:10]

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.”

And although I want Him to hurry in all He has planned for me, He has asked me to slow down. He has asked me to trust Him that He is at work – in me, and in the good gifts He has planned for me.

Over the years He has declared promises over my life, directions He wants me to go in, but I’m not there yet. And sometimes I question if my life has really even begun if I’m not “there yet.” But living a life waiting for your life to “begin” once you get a specific job, spouse, home, financial success, friends – is not at all what the Lord has planned for you. He wants you to live now, and He wants you to live this life to the fullest – with or without His declared promises.

I know the Lord has good gifts planned for me – His Word declares it to be true. He has not given all of them to me yet, and that is ok. However, the question then becomes, what am I doing right now, to train for the future?

What about you? Has the Lord declared promises over your life? Has He given you visions and dreams and directions as to where He wants you to go? Are you there yet?

If not, this series will be for you.

We will be talking about how to use The Training Ground for His glory to prepare you for what is to come in the midst of being actively patient as He works to prepare your good gifts.

The Training Ground Series – Small battles now prepare us for bigger battles later.