“I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.”

(Psalm 143:5)

While I was away on the World Race, a mission’s trip that took me to 11 countries in 11 months, I prayed that every blog I posted would impact at least one person. Based on the responses I got from some of my more popular blogs, I think it’s safe to say that God either has, or will fulfill that prayer one day. Although I will probably never know for sure, I trust.

And although I can’t deny the joy I feel when someone messages me about a blog I posted and how it affected them, the reason I’m starting this blog is actually somewhat selfish.

I’m starting this blog because this is how I worship God.

On the Race we often did something called Listening Prayer. I love Listening Prayer. Like, a lot. I love it so much that when my Team Time rolled around each week, my teammates knew what we were doing for Jesus Time that morning – Listening Prayer.

There are different ways to do it but one day in Laos my team prayed over each person one by one, then shared what they got. After my teammates prayed over me, one asked, “Do you have a lot of thoughts running through your head all the time?”

I shrugged, “I guess.”

She continued, “Because as soon as I closed my eyes to pray I couldn’t think about anything. Not because there wasn’t anything there, but because there was too much there. You need rest from your thoughts.”

Tonight I was reminded of her statement when I knelt before the Lord to do some Listening Prayer, and everything I’ve been trying to think about lately, rushed to the front of my mind and overwhelmed me. All I wanted to do was come before the Lord and lay things at His feet so I could listen to His thoughts, but my thoughts started an all out brawl to see which could get out first. It was so aggressive that there may have been expletives because I was so overwhelmed. It was like a mini-panic attack in my brain.

And that’s why Lyrics of a Christian Girl was born.

Originally I wanted “Ramblings” instead of “Lyrics” because that’s what these blogs will kind of be… just ramblings of a Christian girl. But “Ramblings” was taken and thus came forth, “Lyrics.” Which to be honest, I think fits even better. These words I post might be ramblings, but they are much more beautiful than that. They’re Lyrics for God.

Psalm 143:5 is my favorite bible verse because for me, that remembrance and meditation comes from journaling/blogging. On the Race I was at peace because I was constantly praising God’s goodness through my blogs. Once I came back to America however, I stopped, and suddenly, I was no longer at peace.

So here I am, writing more blogs because I love worshipping God through my love of words and storytelling which are gifts He has given me. (And also because my sanity seems to be riding on it too.)

So today, I start that journey. Enjoy.

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